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Our company provides a series of services to our customers. Among them:



Ad Hoc On-Site Support
Many small businesses do not want to commit or cannot afford a fixed monthly contract and prefer the flexibility to pay for a service when needed. The Ad-Hoc Pay As You Go Support is for businesses that do not require routine support and have a limited IT budget or who are unsure of their exact needs. The flexibility of having support available 'on demand' is often the best way of ensuring that any IT issues can be resolved immediately. As an Ad-Hoc IT Support customer, you will receive the same high level of service that a contracted customer receives and you will be looked after by the same dedicated expert engineers. Our Ad-Hoc Support offers both remote or on-site 'on demand' IT services charged at a simple hourly rate. The advantage behind this is knowing exactly what you are paying for prior to beginning any support. Clients only pay for the time actually used supporting their systems. 


Hardware Maintenance
Today’s business environment requires companies to be more reliant on IT systems than ever before. Qi-Net advocates the right of customers to choose and design their own maintenance support packages based on the customers’ business urgencies, IT environment and available resources. Qi-Net also provides guaranteed service levels that ensure your IT systems are running smoothly and meet your demands for IT availability. 


Server / Desktop / Notebook Sales & Repairing
Hp / Dell / Lenovo / Acer brand commercial desktop pc and notebook


Network / Voice Cabling Installation & Configuration
We provide Structured Cabling Installation, Networking Setup, Wireless LAN Setup,

Unifi router setup, Streamyx router setup & ...


Domain Name Register
We help our customer and provide them domain name registration. Simply just search for you desire domain name availability and register with us.


Web / Email Hosting
Looking for unmeter bandwidth and the most important is GUARANTEE a server which provide services for only enterprise users ? Your are now at the right place looking for the right solutions ! We GUARANTEE the entire users who utilize the server resources are from enterprise users. You won’t need to worry about value/budget hosting plan/users being place in the same server as yours. We also provide tailor made package to suit your requirement!


Accounting Server Migration
We provide SQL Accounting Server Migration & Autocount Accounting Server Migration. and also provide Schedule backup.
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